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Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Today is going to be FUN.

Last night I was cleaning out Wednesday and Mystery's cage, when I noticed lice crawling around in the remnants of the dust I had to scrub out of their pan. Oh, wonderful! I'm thrilled, really. Oscar Wilde (mouse II) is also infested and by a pure twist of fate I found out where the lice were coming from after all this time!

My dad had been insisting upon feeding Wednesday, Mystery, Morgan and Oscar Wilde with a storebought mix (something I'm sincerely against) that he was purchasing at a local pet store (PET SUPPLIES PLUS, if you want to write them an angry letter or throw pitchforks at them or something for me). Now, this wasn't a pre-packaged mix, it was basically a tube in which you allow the correct animal mix to go into a plastic bag and then you pay for it by it's weight. (It's something like $2.50 a lb, which is cool if it doesn't include like a half a lb. of motherfucking mites.) So, he didn't notice that, and he was feeding them this mix while I was at my mother's or not home, and I'm not that bright so I never thought to check the food. Motherfucker.

So, yesterday the bag ripped and I spilled some on the hard wood and sure enough, there are a bunch of skittering little lice freaking out all over the floor. I drowned them in Lysol (what else was I to do?!) and cleaned up the mess and then proceeded to have a bug phobia induced panic attack. Cleaned out the cages with bleach, scrubbed the floors, freaked out about the carpets. Threw all of my clothes off in a panic and tossed myself into the shower and scrubbed my body until it was red.

Reeeeally wasn't pretty. I have bug issues.

Okay, so, I called my vet and we're going to need to get them all treated. I can't afford this. Can't can't can't. It's something like $75.00 PER RAT (I have two) to just BRING them in on an appointment. It's like $50.00 PER MOUSE (I'd just be bringing in Oscar Wilde, Morgan is already being treated). And then the cost of TREATMENT and ANTIBIOTICS. The treatment is not bad, it's probably like 8 dollars per animal. But it adds up. And then like $15 or more for antibiotics per animal.

And then TODAY I'm going to be mitebusting. I plan on like putting on a tight shirt and some old jeans and like disinfecting my entire room today because I'm freaked out. All of my sheets, clothes and shit are in a plastic bag outside, because I know there's shit crawling on them. And I don't know where some surviving mites from the food bag crawled off to in my room or where their eggs are laid. They don't live off of humans, but oh God, freak OUT.

So, yeah. Going to have a spotless room today at my father's. Please wish me luck with that and the fact that I'm going to be living in a cardboard box because of the cost of vet bills. Hooray.


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