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Wednesday, July 19, 2006

I went for a walk today. Something I haven't done for a while because of - the heat? Laziness? I don't know. Just haven't. Anyway!

I filled up my messenger bag with some snacks, a few books, my cellphone and a banana for my rat whom I toted on my shoulder. It was a nice day. Sucked to cross the highway but I got to the bike trail and went down it for about a mile to the park, slid down the hill and picked out a tree to sit under and read for a while. My rat (Fiver, by the way) stretched out and fell into a deep sleep on my lap. It was very peaceful. There weren't any people on the playground and it was quiet. An old lady walked by with her dog who yapped at me for a good five minutes or so. Fiver barely even lifted her head. Totally unphased. I love that rat.

Eventually I moved onto a bench and curled up on that to read instead because ants were starting to check me out on the ground, but there was a fine layer of dead leaves and twigs I had to brush off first before I could sit down. About six or seven feet away from my bench was a large puddle left over from the storm we had the other day. The water was absolutely sparkling clear and you could see the trees and the sky reflected off of it, and there was even a little robin hopping around next to it getting a drink of water. Everything about it was so utterly perfect, I wished I had my camera with me to get a picture because I knew how beautiful it would turn out.

After a few chapters I gave Fiver her banana, put my stuff away and started walking back. On the way home I nearly made a runner trip over herself when she saw the rat on my shoulder. Want free comedy shows wherever you go? Bring a pet rat around and pretend as if it's normal.

Anyway, I'm still finding myself thinking about that robin and the puddle. I haven't seen anything beautiful like that in a while and it's lingering with me. Maybe I'll go back tomorrow and see if it'll be there.


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