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Thursday, July 20, 2006

I had to stop at Walmart today and push past the crowds of poor people, bored teenagers and flocks of slow-moving elderly to get to the stationary aisle. I needed a book.

Jaser writes better by hand.

I browsed for a while, I could go for cheap and affordable, crappy quality paper, or books that made me like to write, and pay for it with money I could not afford to spend. As always, as it is my style to do, I chose the latter.

Two thick notebooks with hard covers and stylized lined paper. I like them a lot. One is blue and one is pink. And as it is also my style to do so, I prefer the pink one, but both are wonderful.

Somehow they managed to make the lights inside the store brighter than the late afternoon sun outside, and I actually started getting a headache, so I made an effort into finding the shortest line at checkout to get out of there as soon as possible.

I got in line behind a lesbian couple, checking out with some paper towels and things - boring, gorgeous house-stuff. One - masculine, obviously - butch - leaned down to sign a receipt, her partner said something to her and she sputtered, "I don't care!" in an annoyed tone of voice, and then sighed frustratedly.


"It's alright."

She squinted at the paper. "Oh, crap. What's the rest of the number?"


"I thought it was 458?"

"Definitely 452!"

"Oh, alright."

She looked up at the lady at checkout. "Sorry, we just got our phone turned on," she grinned.

They got their packages up and left, arguing with each other a bit as they walked out, and I found myself staring at them longingly as I put my notebooks down on the counter.

I envy them.


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